PTU Christmas Youth Camp to promote peace amongst the young generation in Northern Uganda that is experiencing close to extinction by acute poverty, drugs, illiteracy, domestic and gender based violence leading to multiple petty crises and criminal offences.

PTU Elders Christmas Festival on December 20th 2022.
Attended by over 500 Elders from age 60 upwards. It’s a PTU branch that promotes the dignity of the elderly persons in society.

An area most forgotten during the war and camp life. Elders are considered semi- gods due to their parenting role in the generation and development of human family globally. This PTU is focused at promoting the fundamental basic human rights ,especially equality, dignity and liberty.
The collaboration of the local members of parliament for promotion of the PTU Young Generation and the elderly persons is very encouraging.

Fr Leonsyo Akena Ribamoi, PTU Executive Director is officiating the inauguration of the local chief of Madiopei people on January 13th 2023. PTU non-profit works very closely with the Government and Cultural leaders, and officiating the inauguration and installation of the local chief, Mr Felix Abac, PTU is promoting community by involving key stakeholders in the journey for peace building in the society.

Chairperson PTU BOD, Magistrate Irene Akello, giving a token of compliment to an old who’s more than 90 years old during the Christmas Festival for the elderly persons.