It was on September 30th 1981 at the UNITED NATIONS assembly when the member NATIONS decided that today, September 21st becomes an INTERNATIONAL PEACE DAY.

Pope, Saint John Paul II and the member NATIONS put to action this beautiful wish of our Lord Jesus Christ for global PEACE.

Pope Benedict and Francis today call PEACE as the another name of Development because without peace there’s no human development.

Respect to the Fundamental human rights of: Equality, Dignity and Liberty is an important principle for the PEACE of all globally, and today is another opportunity to propagate PEACE.

May today offer everyone and every family an opportunity to love and respect one another, and to desist from all actions of violence and wars amongst peoples and nations. PEACE be with you!!!!

September 21st “International Day of Peace”!
I believe that in schools, but also in all collective places of work and leisure, time should be dedicated today to reflect on Peace. The United Nations General Assembly has declared September 21 of each year dedicated to strengthening the ideals of peace, observing 24 hours of non-violence and ceasefire.
Of course, doing it just for one day is not enough, but taking inspiration and a pretext to continue on a path of Peace is useful.
When I think of Peace, the suffering of many peoples comes to mind: Ukrainians, Palestinians, Afghans, Iranians, Iraqis, Sudanese, Ghanaians, but also many others and I apologize for not having mentioned them all. Peace is for everyone or it isn’t!!

This year’s theme is Actions for Peace: that is, recognizing our individual and collective responsibility in promoting peace. Good work therefore to the schools but to the whole of society in general. (Robert Lovattini – Chairman of Europe for Peace, Piacenza)

*Time for mass
*Lunch time after Holy Mass at School.
*Visitors welcome by children and teachers at St Peter and Paul Nursery and Primary School.
*Fr. introducing PTU women group in the name “Dwon Mon Partners” to the visitors

*PTU Strategic Directions is healthy with all these indicators. Amin.
*Above, this team from Spain donated some drugs to PTU health facility.
*Blessed are the hands that giveth.
*Thanks Chair PTU Kitgum Chapter for your inspired Modern Management uniqueness.

Be blessed