Hello all, hi everyone, I just wanted to reach out today to thank you all for your kind birthday wishes actions of love, surprises and unity on my birthday yesterday. I sincerely appreciate, thank you and pray for all of you. Some candy mentioning from my Priest- friends saying: Angep, Olangkak, Omwodo lyec ki Obokokwe, yomo cwinya me ada🤣❤️

I can’t forget the gifts of your love, lives, prayers, foods, wine and constant presence always for me.

Know that all of you are making me each day the very Priest after the Heart of Jesus, for the salvation of souls, service of human race, and especially the most vulnerable ones. God bless you all. I love you.

Hon Min Beatrice Atim Anywar, Hon MP Santa Okot and Hon MP Paska Aciro Menya, thank you so much for finding a moment to write me here birthday wishes. God bless you abundantly.